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Monica Brinkman shares her writing journey

For Those Who Wonder Who I Am


Writing about myself is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges, as I am more comfortable spreading news of others talent. I mean, what is so special about me? I'm simply a person, just like you, who hopes to bring entertainment, fun, enjoyment and meaning to others lives through writing and radio. Well, here goes...


From the age of three, I have adored poetry, prose, music - anything that draws on the imagination and can take someone into their own little world.  A major in English and Humanities was purely natural to me.


I was an accomplished singer at quite an early age, touring with my schools choir, later singing in musicals, in bands and also a two and a half year stint as a Singing Telegram. (That is a story all in itself) During this time, I acted in quite a few musicals and plays with my local theaters. I also created the Hibiscus Theatre where we presented musicals such as Godspell, Fiddler on the Roof and Jesus Christ, Superstar, to name a few, along with dramas and comedy productions. 


Later in life, I took up oil painting, finding I adore still life and landscapes. Mainly because they came alive while my attempt at portraits were more like  caricatures, quite humorous and definitely not my forte.


For many years, I wrote poetry and prose. Ask my husband, Richard. He'll tell you of the pages and pages of work piled up in a box. One day, after a personal family issue, Rich asked me to write a bit of poetry and prose about the incident, and thus I became a writer with my non-fiction book, Into the Tunnel of Darkness. 


Admittedly, not my best work, it is a heartfelt, truthful account of infidelity. Some raved about it while others criticized the work. Suppose it is all a matter of taste. 


Decades of 'voices in my head' and characters demanding to be heard, resulted in The Karmic Wheel Series. This time I found a publisher who actually edited books and was on my way as a credited author with the release of 'The Turn of the Karmic Wheel' in 2010. The sequel, 'The Wheels Final Turn', in 2016.  You may also find my 3 series Chapbooks, Tales From the Brink at a very affordable price; even free if you are Amazon Prime. 


I have written many articles, short stories and flash fiction which can be found simply by googling my name on the internet. I also did a stint as a columnist and now, along with writing, Kenneth Weene and I  host the Writingschatsandfriends broadcasts. You can find a new podcast on our Youtube channel each Sunday @ Writings Chats and Friends. 


Love it as we created the broadcasts to assist others in bringing meaningful conversations on a variety of topics, show-casing authors, writings, music, art and more. There is always great videos on each show, so stop by and check us out 


Lastly, I adore, adore, adore animals which is quite evident as I have five cats and one dog whom Rich and I treat as children. 


Importantly, I have lived in the East Coast, the West Coast, the Midwest and now reside in the beautiful mountains of Butte County, CA. This has granted me the opportunity to get to really know the people within America. You know what, they may have vastly different political views, but underneath, they all wish basically for the same things in life. 

We lost our  home and all our memories and our fur baby, Stubby cat on November 8th, 2018. Luckily , Rich and I were able to rebuild. 


It is for YOU that I write, that I work diligently on the radio show in hope of bringing joy, fun, entertainment and use of imagination within your life. 


Thank you for visiting my site and learning a bit about this woman. So, did I do okay?











Monica M Brinkman
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