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Do You Have Social Competence?


As a writer, radio host and manager, I find myself amazed at the lack of professional etiquitte extended to others.

Let's give some examples of how true professionals handle a scenario.

Scenario #1

You are a guest on a radio broadcast, a blog or any type of marketing endeavor. I am speaking of endeavors whereby the host or site or organization is giving freely of their time to assist you.

What True Professionals Do

  • Even prior to their endeavor, they share the url link with others

  • After the endeavor, they continue to share the url link

  • They take the time to write of their experience and share it with others

  • They send a thank you to their blog, interview or organization host(s)

  • Invite the host(s) to partake in one of their own upcoming endeavors

  • Remain in touch with the host(s)

What the Unprofessionals Do

  • Expect their hosts to do all the marketing for them

  • Care only about what is in it for them

  • Never acknowledge the hard work and effort they have received free of charge from their hosts

  • Sit back and do nothing, after all aren't the hosts lucky to even have them as part of their blog, organization site or interview

In working with many musical guests, authors, and organizations, we have found the most successful in gaining recognition, for years to come, understand the importance of acting in a professional manner. Yes, it takes a bit of time and certainly effort, but it makes sense. Think about it, your hosts can only reach their social media sites, fans and supporters. This limits your exposure. If you do a bit of marketing yourself, you will reach so many more people who may be interested in your music, your book, your organization. It is simple math.

One other thought, if you act professional, the hosts will remember you in a very positive vein and keep in touch with you, perhaps even include you in tweets, FB blurbs, reviews and newsletters. You will have created a very useful bond and relationship with them.

In ending, the fact is appreciation goes a long way as does common courtesy and sense. My advice to you is to become a True Professional for it will assist you greatly in reaching your goals and making them a reality.

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