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Anna Mullins - One Classy Lady

Author | Blogger Anna Mullins

Have you ever met someone in life who captured your heart? Someone whose beauty shines through with each word or action?

Today, I am appreciating the wonderful author, blogger, gardener, and artist, Anna Mullins. I am so fortunate to call Anna a dear friend.

If you want to be inspired, view magnificent photos, find a bit of humor, a bit of satire, book review or an OP-ED, I highly recommend visiting Anna's blog, Texas Revelations | Grandmas Tales. It is an assortment of diverse, appealing and insightful content that anyone will enjoy.

Ms. Mullins is humble, something rare within our society today. She focuses on bringing her blog viewers a glance into the beauty, the horror, the joy, the pain and the love within the world, while never forgetting the past and how it has affected todays society. Believe me, I am not the only individual who feels this way. Anna has won The Versatile Blogger Award and justly so.

I am an author, as most of you know and as most, I love to read a good book. Truthfully, I tend to stay away from 'memoirs' as most come off a bit whiny and I am one person who wants myself surrounded by positivity rather than yet another 'whiny' story. will find none of this in 'Confessions of A Crazy Fox'. Instead you will be taken to life within a small town in the 40's, 50's and 60's. Many would benefit this journey of remembrance as we tend to forget how society once was or both the difficulties and pleasures found during those eras. Confessions of A Crazy Fox will surprise you. This is not just another memoir, it is a true adventure of life.

I agree when readers state such things as:

"Anna Mullins has a great voice...She pulls no punches, whether talking about sibling relations, race relations, feminism, or herself. As she says, "You can't undo the wrong you do by trying to make someone appear worse than you. That's why I'm confessing my worst sins, not just others'." And boy does she!" ~Mike Stiles-Oklahoma City, OK.

"This is an extraordinary tale about an extraordinary life, told by an extraordinary writer."

~John M. Daniel, author of THE POET'S FUNERAL

In closing, I want to personally thank Anna Mullins for the support, love and kindness she extends to others be it through her blog, social media or friendship. Ah, I can hear that charming 'Texas Drawl' as I write and it makes me smile, just as Anna will cause you to pause and grin a time or two.

In the end, Anna Mullins is indeed 'One Classy Lady'.

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