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'Diet', A Word I Hate


About this time each year people begin to look at the prospect of Spring and Summer approaching. Most with joy and anticipation of warmer weather, sunshine, beautiful gardens and more daylight. Along with this change in weather is the ultimate change in attire. Once bundled in layers of clothing that covered the entire body, we will give way to less and less coverage as the weather grows warmer and in some areas very humid.

So, you start to think about getting rid of those flabby arms, thighs, midriff, and tummy. You search the internet for a fast remedy to the problem and are beseiged with hundreds of diets promising to fix your issue, fast, easily and without pain. From pills, to shakes to pre-packaged food, all claiming they are the one and only course to take.

As a person from an Italian heritage full of pasta, bread, pastries and rich deserts, my life has been a continual search for the ultimate diet. I've starved myself, excercised extensively, drank only liquids, bought those pre-packed foods and even, I must confess, tried those pills professing to shed the pounds by blocking your food intake. None of them worked for me. I grew weary form lack of food and energy and my world seemed to focus on what food to prepare, drink to make, pill to pop, all the while starving and miserable.

Thus, I grew to hate the word 'diet'.

There is only one sensible course to take in losing and maintaining a healthy body and it involves a change in the foods you put in your mouth, not only the type of foods but how they are grown and processed. You see, the food industry and the medical field are growing richer while so many of us are growing fatter and more unhealthy simply by doing something we must to survive - eating.

You can stop this madness and feel and look better than you ever have in your life, simply by being selective and informed. I, by the way, do not profess to be a health or diet expert and am sharing what works for me and what I have seen work for so many others. It is time YOU take control of YOUR health.

Here are the simple rules:

Buy organic whenever possible.

Read labels and if they have more than three ingredients in them, don't buy the product.

Do not buy 'diet food'.

Do not buy artificial sweeteners.

Start your day with a smoothie or as I call them, breakfast shakes.

Buy pure food - Example butter instead of margarine

Get off the 'potato and rice bing'. Stop eating refined grains

Stop buying prepared wheat products.

Get rid of the processed bread and pasta.

DO NOT eat fast food

Meat lovers, eat lean meats such as white chicken (no skin), seafood, buffalo, beef, turkey.

DO NOT go hungry. Eat often in small doses.

Add spice to your life - try out different spices and seasonings.

Eat your veggies, often.

Forget soda. There is nothing beneficial in this product. Instead select tea, water or freshly squeezed juice

Make your own iced deserts using organic fruit, coconut water, ice and yes, even pure cocoa for those chocolate lovers.

Vie for nuts instead of potato chips

Fact is potatoes, rice, pasta, bread - they all break down into sugar when ingested. So you may as well be eating tablespoon after tabelspoon of sugar if you make these your main source of food.

Fact is most prepacked foods contain sugar or chemicals that induce weight gain, You may be starving yourself and gaining weight simply by eating food laden with chemicals and sugar.

Eat organic vegetable, grains that are whole, not processed. Barley, couscous, oats, quinoa are much better choices than white rice. As far as potatoes go, use them sparingly and mixed with salad greens. Buy the small red potatoes and cube them. Eat cauliflower or sweet potatoes as a substitute.

You will find many sites via the internet who have a vast variety of menus that are both satisfying, tasty and enjoyable. Gone are the days of bland 'diet' food. Ah, there is that word again, banish it!

Here are a few sites you may wish to check out if you decide to take control of your health. The pounds will shed just in you changing your eating habits. And if you don't need to lose weight but wish to be healthy, ah, you can eat larger quantities.

You will find tons of links via the internet and great cookbooks also. Take a browse and make that decision to eat, eat, eat and become healthy.

One more note, please do some sort of excercise. Take a walk every day, ride a bike or if you prefer, use that excercise equipment stashed in your closet. You're body will thank you.

By the way, I am by no means some 'skinny-minny' but what I am is healthy and happy and know if I wish to shed a few pounds, I can do so with ease and variety of menu.

It's not a diet! It's eating wonderful food. Woo Hoo!

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