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Is Being 'Right' Worth the Cost?


It occured to me that most of the conflicts within our life are due to the fact someone wants to be 'right'. We break up marriages, friendships, family relationships and create battles all in the vein of having to be correct.

There is certainly nothing wrong in expressing ones opinion. Yet to close ones ears, mind and heart to anything that is diverse from personal ideals is far from communication. To communicate, you must not only hear what another is saying but also give thought to their words. This means listening without prejudice or judgement. After all, this person who is speaking to you is merely expressing how they feel or think at this specific moment in time.

How many of you felt a certain way about something, only to find, years later, you have changed your opinion? It happens. Yet no one would ever be able to alter their beliefs if they insisted they were 'right' about everything. Instead of thinking you must be 'right', why not understand it is how you, an individual, wishes to conceive your personal values? It doesn't mean you are correct and everyone else who feels differently is wrong. All it means is you both are different people.

If we cannot connect on basic levels of communication, how can we ever hope to grow as a people or as a world? How are we to develop long, lasting relationships?

If you stand back a bit and allow another to open up to you, without fear of rejection or verbal abuse, you may actually enjoy a different point of view. And with that, you will grow to understand the person on a more intimtae and rewarding level.

So I say to you, let's stop all this need to be correct all the time and begin enjoying other people for who they are and life for what it brings each day.

I know I have had grand conversations with others who may think quite the opposite and at the same time, I get to know what makes them tick; why they feel strongly about their convictions. I've even been known to change my own mind a time or two after anothers point of view was presented.

Get off the 'right' train and join me on this wonderful journey of life, full of adventure, friendships, and I surely hope, for all of you, much love.

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