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Stop It! A Message for the World

It has been some time since I wrote on the blog. Not due to lack of topic or substance, merely lack of priority and time. I've pushed the urge to express an opinion or stimulate a discussion deep below the surface until the urge became a need rather than a desire. So, here goes...

Stop It! Two simple words that ring in my head. Two words usually expressed due to irritation or aggravation. Today I shout out to all human beings to please Stop It!

Flashback - many years ago when a child - life was full of magic, discovery and imagination. Can you recall the joy of life and freedom of adventure strolling through a wooded area, hunting for hidden treasures within the soil or simply staring at the clouds to see what remarkable apparition shall appear? We 'lived in the moment'; enjoying the beauty of nature; not fearing the change of season but rather embracing the opportunity to frolic in the snow, jump into the pile of raked Autumn leaves, carve that Halloween pumpkin or play Marco Polo at the local pool.

And if another child joined in the fun and adventure, it was even better. Didn't matter religion, race or sex of the new or long-time friend; just that you enjoyed their company. We were still allowed to embrace one another; give a hug as a friend and fellow human being; something many schools now regulate. Can you imagine what message those schools are sending to our children; that something is wrong in two friends hugging one another or, as many young girls often do; hold hands. The bond of expressing friendship and love for another human being is immediately replaced by shame or humiliation. The beginning of instilling fear within our children of showing compassion, care or love for another.

The reason I bring up childhood is, for the most part, a child learns from their teachers; be they parental or educational. They learn from authoritarian figures and also personal experiences; both good and bad. They learn from the religious organizations attended as well as supremacist and sub-cultural groups. They learn from war-ravaged cities, low or no income induced poverty, and gun laden streets. So what are we teaching our children of the world? How are we, as teachers and educators, setting an example of how human beings interact in life? Do we embrace one another as our brother/sister or do we fear and mock their differences? Do we place their futures above the lust of power and money? Do we elect and support individuals who have the good of the country and people, as well as the good of the planet and mankind as their priority?

From what I've encountered and seen through the decades is a continual decline in people caring for one another. Instead of taking responsibility, as a nation and world, for choices made and actions taken, we seem to play a 'blame game'. We blame those who hold different values. We blame those who make more money. We blame the poor and poverty stricken. We blame immigrants. We blame those of other sexual inclinations. We blame big business and Wall Street. We blame those who hold different political beliefs. We blame the atheists, the mystics, the scientists and the broken.

We blame the government. Ugh, we elected them and turned the other way as they slowly and methodically made changes that have affected the economy, the livelihood of the majority, and interaction between one another. Yes. Fear. Ego. Righteousness. Ignorance. Daily Survival. Love of family. They all play a part in the huge divide within our world. And it is time we all took responsibility for allowing this to occur in such a large scale. Before we blame, look within for what is true for you.

I say to you - Stop It! Stop ignoring the very essence of your soul and being. Stop allowing the fear of rejection, death, or poverty to rule your choices. Stop blaming everyone else for your own inaction. Stop thinking of only yourself. Stop trying to be 'right', as you will never open your mind to other avenues.

Most of all, stop being afraid to embrace another human being with pure love as a brother or sister within our family of humankind. Greed begets greed. Fear begets fear. While love begets love. Peace begets peace.

We have to start sometime. How about now?

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