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How It Really Was - In those 'good old days'

It is time to tell a true story; one from my early childhood; one that haunts me and causes me pain even after all these years. Before I write more, let me tell you that this is an example of the 'good old days' I keep hearing about. I'll take today, thank you. Here we go...

Some of my earliest memories are those of a wonderful women named Katherine. You see, my mom was sick and couldn't handle we three children, so Katherine was hired to be our 'nanny'. We fell in love with her. She was always in a great mood, but don't dare cross her or you'd be heading to the nearest bush to retrieve a thin branch; knowing you would feel the quick swish, cry, and apologize. Thankfully, those times were, as they say, few and far between.

I was so bored, being the youngest and only girl. Boys, especially brothers, don't like playing with girls at that age. I thank my brother, Mickey, for putting up with my pleas to be Phillip to my Aurora. Or Michael to my Peter Pan.

Katherine knew how to make even the simplest of materials a childhood wonderland. We'd lay on the grass and dirt and create beautiful fairy lands using twigs, grass and anything else we could find. And we'd play for hours using our imaginations as we told our magical stories. We'd stare at the clouds; knowing we'd find a fascinating figure.

One thing, I'll never forget, is I wanted so much to go fishing, but I was not allowed to do so because of the hooks. Well, Katherine had an answer for that one also. She had me get a stick and bring it to her. It had to be a sturdy long stick. I watched as Katherine tied string to the stick and took a safety pin from her garment and connect it to the string. Then off we went to the nearest river. To my amazement, I caught fish using this home made fishing pole. Katherine enjoyed our moments, or at least she acted as if she did, and I, and my brothers, looked forward to her being part of our family.

Then something happened that changed our lives. We heard our father yelling at Katherine. Why would he do so? She cooked, she cleaned and she took such good care of us; always. Then we heard the words. Father was blaming Katherine for stealing his alcohol. She kept telling him she had not done so; that she never would or could. And we children backed her up. We were with her all day, especially me, being the youngest. Katherine told us to not bother because she was speaking the truth. Yet, maybe we should have bothered, for this was to be the last day she would come to our home. My mom took the alcohol but feared my father's wrath and allowed our Katherine to take the fall and be fired.

Father told us never to go see Katherine again. Our hearts broke and I did not understand how this wrong could ever be righted.

My brother and I, of course, visited Katherine often, for we loved her.

So what is my point in all of this? Simply the fact our beloved nanny., Katherine, was a black American citizen. We as children only saw love and kindness; never color. We didn't know how to differentiate love from one nationality to another.

Back then, all the black citizens in our city lived on one street called, Green Street. It was run down homes; each attached to the other. But step inside a home and you'd find such beauty, and of course, the food smelled fantastic.

You wonder how so many in my age bracket can be full of hate and racism. They were taught it. They lived it. They accepted it and now are afraid that we are a nation of diversity. They want it back as it was.

I write this today, not only in the memory of my dear Katherine who was a mom to me for so long, but to all who accept and support the actions of this Trump administration.

It is time we realized if there is a God and he or she is the creator, then they created all; everyone, you, me, Americans, English, Chinese; all people. So stop this ridiculous nonsense of thinking anyone is superior to another. They are not. You are not.

I beg you to vote blue this time around. I do not wish us to go back to a time where we were taught to be ashamed of loving all people. My bet is you do not wish this either.

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