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CASINO DOGS - A Meal in One

A fast one pot meal that the family will love. All who tried these tasty dogs, fell in love with them.


  1. Large all Beef Hotdogs

  2. Two Bell Peppers

  3. One to two potatoes (according to size)

  4. Hard Hoagie Roll or Sandwich Roll

  5. Plenty of Mustard

  6. Olive Oil

  7. Salt and pepper to taste


Peel potatoes and cut into small chunks - set aside

Seed and clean bell peppers and slice diagonally - set aside

Bring a pot of water to a boil

Place hotdogs, bell peppers and potatoes into water and cook until tender and hot dog cooked through

(The hot dog will be cooked to perfection by the time the potatoes and peppers are soft)

Drain and prepare sandwiches as follows:

Spread roll with yellow mustard

Place hot dog in roll

Place diced potatoes on top of hot dog

Place peppers on top of potatoes

Salt to taste and if you like pepper that is fine also.

All that is left is to enjoy:

Calories per each sandwich: 322

Contains: Protein - Carbs - Vegetables

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